Unity Construction Group
Unity Construction Group is about "Building A Brighter Future" for our clients one project at a time. Our mission is predicated on a sole purpose of total client satisfaction. Unity is devoted to innovative thinking, creative problem-solving, efficient trade coordination and logistics, comprehensive project and schedule management, strict cost controls and effective quality assurance. Taking great pride in each and every project, Unity is passionate about serving its clients' needs and delivering value throughout the entire construction process. Unity offers a full range of construction services in a client-centric manner. Over the course of a combined 60 years of experience, Unity's Management Team possesses deep industry expertise, prior professional working relationships and demonstrated success within their respective industries; and is recognized for sincere integrity, absolute dedication and complete reliability. With extensive general contracting, construction management and client representation experience; Unity leverages its industry knowledge and professional experience.
Successful projects are achieved through solidarity and teamwork. Unity is dedicated to cultivating client partnerships; which are based upon trust, commitment and experience. Human Capital is a company's greatest asset and Unity prides itself on the highest standards of excellence both internally as well as externally through its top-tier sub-contractors, suppliers and vendors. This philosophy translates to superior craftsmanship, quality materials and ultimately an outstanding end product.
A cornerstone of Unity's success, worksite safety is a principle that drives our firm, as we strive for excellence in safety standards and compliance. Unity does not compromise when it comes to workplace safety, employee/public well-being, service quality and product assurance.